Vegan on Vacation: Destinations With Healthy Food Tours

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Eating clean while traveling may cause most people to cheat or completely abandon their vegan or vegetarian diet because of lack of options. However, here are destinations that not only cater to clean eating, they also serve these meals in a most unique way.

Eat Like a Local Mexico City launches new vegan food tour


Born and raised in Mexico City, Eat Like a Local‘s founder Rocio Vazquez Landeta gives insider access to the city’s dynamic food landscape that could only be experienced through the eyes of local. Starting April 11th, Eat Like a Local launches a new all-vegan food tour in the flower market and Roma Norte. This new curated tour features local Mexican vegan dishes and highlights a mix of vegan restaurants in Roma Norte, hip coffee shops and authentic street food delicacies at the flower market, the largest wholesale flower market in the city where travelers can enjoy grilled corn, squash blossom cheese-free quesadillas and the most complete fruit tasting with more than 12 local varieties. The tour also includes non-vegan restaurants with outstanding vegan dishes, including one of Enrique Olvera’s restaurants (Pujol owner and head chef). The vegan food tour is a dynamic collaboration with Eat Like a Local’s founder, Landeta, and Astrid Ceballos, a vegan chef that manages Palacio de Hierro’s healthy food. Ceballos guides the vegan tour on Monday, Wednesday and Friday when she is not cooking and teaching at her raw vegan cooking school. The group will have craft coffee, tamales, green mole mixiotes, al pastor tacos made with oyster mushrooms, grilled corn, fruit, high end tacos, smoothies, quesadillas, delicious desserts and a mezcal cocktail. The vegan tour is offered from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 2:30 ($110USD per person).


On Foot Holidays’ new vegan-friendly routes


UK-based travel specialist On Foot Holidays offers three new vegan-friendly routes offering imaginative and creative vegan and vegetarian dishes that reflect the local authentic cuisine. The three vegan-friendly routes have hotels and inns along the route that can provide flavorful and varied vegan dishes, or where there are good vegan restaurants close by. All of the hosts at the properties can also offer suitable alternatives for vegetarians, gluten-free and lactose-free diets. In Italy’s Ligurian Hills, On Foot Holidays’ route adviser has secured a varied and inspired diet along the route. All properties have vegan wine, soya, rice or almond-based milk, soya butter, margarine, soya yogurt and soya cream. The two other vegan-friendly routes are on the Greek island of Andros and in Lycian Way in Turkey.


Fuel up with Duma Explorer’s vegetarian Mountain Menu

Serengeti Duma Explorer

Overlooking the Serengeti


Preparing for the climb of your life? Duma Explorer has been leading safaris and treks in Tanzania since 2004. As one of Tanzania’s only Travelife-certified tour operators and a founding partner of Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project, Duma Explorer continually demonstrates their commitment to social, economic and environmental sustainability. For all of their Kilimanjaro treks, Duma Explorer’s “Mountain Menu” includes breakfasts, lunches and dinners during the trek and can all be tailored for vegetarians and gluten-free and lactose-free travelers. Travelers can request the Tanzanian menu which feature hot banana, pumpkin or peanut soup with bread, Ndizi Nyama (cooked bananas mixed with vegetables), Maharage Nazi (beans cooked in a coconut sauce), Kachumbari (Cucumber, tomato and carrot salad, Viazi Mboga (potatoes topped with a vegetable coconut sauce) and Tanzanian pancake topped with honey.

Hotels and resorts that also offer delicious vegetarian menus and vegan dishes include Rome’s Bettoja Hotels Collection, Saint Lucia’s Calabash Cove Resort and Spa (vegan dishes upon request), Tanzania’s Chaka Camps (vegan dishes upon request) and more.


Italy's Ligurian Hills, On Foot Holidays

Hotel Massimo D’Azeglio, a Bettoja Hotels Collection



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