The Ultimate Bad Witches Playlist for a Feminist Halloween

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October is officially underway, and that means that Halloween is right around the corner. While you’re planning out your costume, carving a Pinterest-worthy pumpkin and binge-watching Halloween movie classics, you can leave the soundtrack to us. Here are 13 ghoul-worthy jams to crank up this spooky season that were created by empowered women.


Season of the Witch — Lana Del Rey

This modern cover of Donovan’s 1966 classic was released earlier this year as part of the soundtrack for the movie “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark,” and Lana Del Rey’s hauntingly beautiful voice and witchy brand (remember when she tried to hex Donald Trump?) were practically made to cover it. This little slice of destiny will have anyone feeling sultry and spooky this Halloween season, earning it the first song slot in our Halloween playlist.


Rhiannon – Fleetwood Mac

How could we not include this classic occult related bop? This 1976 soft rock song is based on the Welsh legend of the goddess Rhiannon. Band vocalist Stevie Nicks came across the legend after reading the novel “Triad” by Mary Bartlet Leader, which follows a woman who gets possessed by the spirit of Rhiannon. This song’s release spawned rumors of Nicks being a witch. It has since been used in “American Horror Story: Coven” as the favorite song of Stevie Nicks superfan and Louisiana witch Misty Day.


Turn Off the Light (Featuring Elvira, Mistress of the Dark) – Kim Petras

The title track off of Petras’ 2018 Halloween-themed EP is the perfect dance hit to get your Halloween party going. It features a spooky monologue by horror movie hostess Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, that really seals the deal on this Halloween hit. Petras released the extended version of this album earlier this month, which would be a great dance album to stream in full on your Halloween party’s dance floor.


She Wolf — Shakira

Bring a little werewolf magic to your spooky soirée with this iconic 2009 pop song by Shakira. Bonus points if you’re able to copy her dance moves from the music video.


Disturbia – Rihanna

This 2008 electropop hit has become sort of a recent Halloween classic for its themes of darkness and fear. This song will make you want to dance through a haunted house.


Bloody Mary – Lady Gaga

We all remember the terrifying legend of Bloody Mary from our childhoods. Say her name three times in the mirror, and she will appear to you. Gaga’s 2011 pop song perfectly captures the essence of the legend.


All the good girls go to hell – Billie Eilish

17-year-old superstar Billie Eilish’s debut studio album is full of creepy imagery and themes, but this song may be the most made for Halloween out of the album’s sea of instant Halloween classics. In the song’s music video, Elish depicts a fallen angel roaming the streets, getting covered in a dark substance and then catching fire.


Heads Will Roll – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

You’ll automatically know this 2009 indie rock song if you ever turned on VH1 music videos on television in the morning, watched the TV show “Glee” or have been to a Halloween party thrown by millennials. Another recently established Halloween classic, this song will have everyone dancing.


The Rapture Ball – Poppy

YouTube anomaly and singer Poppy went viral in 2014 for her creepy videos, and her songs fall right in line with her sinister robot meets bubblegum pop brand. This apocalyptic dance song is perfect for your glam Halloween.


Haunted — Beyoncé 

Queen Bey’s 2014 song starts off slow and then transitions into a steady dance beat, making it a perfect track to top off the night before winding down into some chill songs. Thus music video, in true Beyoncé fashion, is also absolutely incredible.


I Put A Spell On You – Sylvia Black

Jalacy “Screamin Jay” Hawkins’ 1956 song may be one of the most covered Halloween songs of all time. Our current favorite cover is by rising star Sylvia Black on the soundtrack for hit Netflix series “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” based on the Archie Comics series about “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.”


Until the Day I Die — Morgan Saint

Morgan Saint’s death-themed love song may not be meant as a Halloween song, but her haunting voice and the song’s steadily eery sound make it perfect for this holiday.


The End of the World — Sharon Van Etten

If you need an apocalyptic slow dance to end out your Halloween party, look no further. Sharon Van Etten’s indie cover of Skeeter Davis’ 1962 hit will have you feeling spookily nostalgic.

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