Self-Love Guru LyriQ Lashay to Host Event Empowering Homeless Women

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Master of manifestation LyriQ Lashay believes that everyone needs and deserves to feel empowered. That’s why she will be hosting Homeless to Hopeful, a workshop and spa day to empower homeless women, on Sept. 28, 2019, at the Salvation Army Red Shield Transitional Homeless Center in Atlanta, Georgia, in partnership with EMEmpowerment4Success.

After hosting a workshop in Ghana, the founder of LyriQ Lashay Love Foundation and Afro LyriQ instantly felt compelled to share her thoughts on the power of manifestation and self-empowerment with the world. She’s now bringing her talents home to make a difference with her local homeless community.

LyriQ gave us an in-depth look into her soul-searching journey that called her to help empower homeless women in Atlanta.

Q: Tell me a bit about your foundations, LyriQ Lashay Love Foundation and Afro LyriQ.

L: Well, last summer I had the chance to go to Ghana to impact the lives of Children at Teshie Children’s Home. I created a workshop that was all about self-evaluation, the power of words of affirmation and manifestation through visualizing and meditating. Doing this workshop as well as learning from the children and being engulfed in the Ghana culture changed my life in such a way I can’t even explain. The trip revealed my passion for helping individuals in need.

The gentleman that hosted me in Ghana and one of the key players in make this trip possible, Nana Kogo, helped in making the vision of Afro LyriQ possible. He introduced me to a seamstress who I shared my first fanny pack design with to sew. At this time, I had no thoughts of making this a business until my business partners and I started talking about having our own community for people of color. A community that is self-sustainable and self-sufficient where you are not only living, but thriving and learning skills that open you up to unlimited abundance. So, we started our non-profit with that mission and vision in mind, but realized we needed to have a successful business to sew into our non-profit. During this time, I was getting a lot of compliments on my fanny packs, people were even offering to purchase my original designs right off my waist. That is when Nana Kogo and I decided to collaborate, merging our design skills together to create and sell these authentic bag pieces, but not with the intent to just make a profit but to give back. We are so dedicated to the mission we decide for every bag or piece of apparel we sell we would give to woman, children and men in need by throwing service events and actually giving back in the process.

Q: How did you initially collaborate with EMEmpowerment4Success?

L: Initially I collaborated with EMEmpowerment4Success in October of 2016. I participated in her EMEmpowerment Fashion show. I performed a spoken word piece called “I Scream.” It was such an amazing experience, and she enjoyed my performing so much that we stayed connected and continued to communicate and support each other at events. I expressed to the CEO of EMEmpowerwent4Success, Ms. Ella, that my business Afro LyriQ wanted to do a workshop and surprise spa day for homeless women. She was so excited, and she starting assisting me with building a relationship with Salvation Army right away. Ms. Ella found a group of women who are currently staying in transitional home for homeless women.

Q: What inspired your foundations to create this specific event?

L: What inspired us is our company belief that all women, no matter what their situation, should take time to learn and love themselves. That even if you’re homeless, displaced or underserved, you deserve to feel human, loved and even catered to. The point of creating Afro LyriQ is to grow into a successful business keeping our beliefs, keeping our focus on social change and striving to build the change through serving the people who need help the most. Homeless to Hopeful’s mission is to give people hope and the desire to learn themselves and learn how to be self-sufficient and self-sustainable. The S.H.E. workshop, presented by InspirHer’d, will guide these women on how to control their speech and create their own reality by changing their thoughts of themselves from homeless to hopeful.

Q: What can attendees expect from the workshop classes?

L: The attendees can expect a mind, body and soul transformation as well as thought provoking conversation, dialogue and activities and better knowledge of themselves and the power they possess.

Q: Who are your guest speakers?

L: The guest speakers are Brittaney Harden, Kevion Harris and Stacie Rose.

Q: What are your goals for this event’s activities to positively impact attendees?

L: My goals are to make these woman feel comfortable in being themselves, assisting them in rising in love with themselves by knowing and understanding themselves even more and providing the women with an easy and manageable process to follow in manifesting the things they desire and deserve to have.

Q: What volunteer opportunities are available for this event?

L: The volunteer opportunities that are still available for this event are the following:

  • Manicurist
  • Pedicurist
  • Stylist
  • Make-up Artist
  • Time Keeper
  • Food and Smoothie Server
  • Set Up/Break Down
  • Massage Therapist
  • Esthetician
  • Event Decorator
  • Cleaners

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