Recipes for a Clean Diet and Lifestyle

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Feeding your loved ones healthy food is difficult in a world where Oreos are cheaper than walnuts and a hamburger costs less than a salad. Believing that eating “clean” today, no matter the cost, ultimately uplifts and enhances one’s lifestyle, Amanda Sloan’s new a recipe book features processed sugar/gluten free & vegan recipes.

Sloan cookbookSloan’s creations are sweetened only with fresh fruit, nuts, and spices. The natural ingredients she uses in her recipes are conducive for detoxing, following a low fat/high fiber diet, and attaining ideal enzyme and nutrient levels.

Many families sacrifice long-term health for short-term junk food, but the repercussions of following a processed diet place you at an increased risk for health issues such as heart disease and obesity. Investing the money in your daily diet can ultimately save you money in medical bills in the future.

Sloan decided to change her diet a few years ago after trying to find a solution to combat her son’s eczema. She was also suffering with her own condition and reactions to processed sugar. She discovered that eating completely fresh foods helped, avoiding products with additives and preservatives.




Peek at some of Amanda Sloane’s recipes:


Her book is available for purchase on both Amazon and iTunes for $22.00.

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