Pop Singer Pia Mia to Drop New Single ‘Feel Up’ Tonight

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Pia Mia started 2019 with an epic comeback, and there’s no stopping her now.

The pop singer is releasing a new single “Feel Up,” featuring rapper YG, on Friday, Sept. 6, at 12 a.m. EST on all platforms.

Produced by Nic Nac, who has helped create hit singles like “I’m the One” by DJ Khaled, the song seems formulated to be a club hit, with smooth and sultry vocals, a steady background dance beat and a perfectly timed rap verse.

Though it may seem like a typical radio darling on first listen, the lyrics are far from vapid. The 22-year-old encapsulates the frustrated feelings of a tale as old as time — a failing relationship filled with mixed signals.

The song leads with her feeling disappointment and annoyance, with lyrics like, “When we’re together you never tell me how you feel,” and “How you gon’ hit on my girlfriends and think I don’t know?”

But it also shows some moments of nostalgia, giving background information for why she keeps hanging on, hoping to get back to real love.

In one of her more vulnerable lines, she sings, “We used to stay up all night talking, now I just don’t know / Now you’ve been turning your back on me got me so cold,” ending the line on a crystal-clear high note.

“Feel Up” comes mid-way through one of the singer’s most successful years in her career.

She blasted back onto the scene this past spring after a two-year hiatus, making her acting debut in the YA book turned teen movie “After” and releasing a hit single, “Bitter Love,” for the movie’s soundtrack.

The singer rose to stardom in 2015 with her single “Do It Again,” which featured Chris Brown and Tyga and was also produced by Nic Nac.

She returned to the music scene this year as an independent artist after leaving Interscope Records, citing her craving for artistic freedom as the reason for the split.

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