A Day in TV’s ‘Paternity Court’ Resolves Real-Life Questions

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Tamara King

Court tv shows with heavy-gaveled judges can be addictive, as evidenced by “Judge Judy,” which has been on the air for almost 20 years. More recent shows such as “Paternity Court” do not deviate one bit with its hard-hitting Judge Lauren Lake. Hers magazine had a chance to go behind-the-scenes for a live taping as a part of the show’s studio audience.

The set, housed by the Georgia Public Broadcasting building, is actually a mock up of a courtroom instead of a real one.  Make no mistake, though, everything after this was the real deal.

The plaintiff and the defendant both came into the courtroom first. Next, the bailiff yelled “all rise” to indicate the entrance of the judge and for the studio audience to stand. The poised, petite, and confident Lake entered the room and took her place on the bench. Lake, a Detroit native and Atlanta resident, is also a legal and relationship expert who graduated with a law degree from Wayne State University.

In the case that the audience observed, a man was questioning the paternity of his daughter with his ex-girlfriend. The defendant, despite her questionable rebuttals, was sure that the plaintiff was her child’s father. The volleying of words was overwhelming; it’s impressive how well Lake kept up with statements during the episode.

After hearing both sides and reviewing evidence, Lake was ready to deliver the DNA results…



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