NFL Introduce First Male Cheerleaders

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The first male cheerleaders/dancers will be joining the NFL cheerleading squads starting this 2018 season.

The New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams are leading the way, hiring two males to dance in historically all-female teams. While there are male stuntmen for other NFL teams, this will be the first time males will be dancing alongside women.

Napoleon Jinnes and Quinton Peron will be joining the Rams cheerleading team. Jesse Hernandez will be the only man on the New Orleans Saints Sanitations cheerleader roster.


Jinnies and Peron are both classically trained dancers and have been dancing their entire lives. Peron has even choreographed and danced with women on professional teams.

In an interview with AB’s Good Morning America, Preson talks about the process, stating, “I thought, why not me? Why can’t I do this? I called my friend Raquel and I asked her when auditions were for the Rams. She told me Sunday, I showed up – and we’re here!”



While most of the social media reaction has been positive, some NFL fans are worried about this historical move.

On the ESPN show Jalen and Jacoby, Jalen Rose and special guest Joseph Sikora commented on the new male cheerleaders. “Everyone deserves a shot,” Sikora said. “But maybe it’s not necessarily something you or I would want to watch.”

This idea of not wanting to watch male cheerleaders is echoed throughout social media.



While the new male cheerleaders have also received support on social media, viewership will be the final word on whether or not they stay in future seasons.

As Jalen Rose on his talk show stated, “It will be interesting to see if this goes mainstream…where a couple of teams have a couple of male cheerleaders not because they are male or female, but because they are actually good at what they do. And that’s what we welcome in this country.”

NFL preseason games start this week. The Los Angeles Rams play the Baltimore Ravens in their first preseason game tomorrow, Thursday August 9th, at 7:30 pm. The New Orleans Saints also play tomorrow Thursday August 9th, facing off against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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