Music Midtown Crowd Shows Billie Eilish Attracts Gen Z and Beyond

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Temperatures were in the mid-90s during this past weekend’s Music Midtown, however, that didn’t stop about 50,000 fans from crowding Piedmont Park to see their favorite artists, most notably Billie Eilish.

Despite her 7 p.m. start time, Eilish’s Sunday performance was filled with fans who had been camping out for hours, many claiming their spot in front of the stage when the festival’s gates opened at noon.

The 17-year-old Generation Z queen is definitely the voice of a generation, breaking the rules with her baggy clothes and funky dyed hair with lime green roots.

However, that doesn’t mean everyone can’t get down to her music. The crowd at her show was filled with people of all ages, with fans everywhere between tweens and grandparents.

The one thing that most of her fans did have in common was their liveliness.

Eilish’s show was very cardio-centric, for both herself as she jumped around with a cast on her foot and for her fans. She even asked her fans to create several mosh pits as she performed “you should see me in a crown,” which they happily enacted.

During one point in her performance, she told her fans that they should all be thankful in that moment right then that they are alive and healthy. She told her fans to grab the hand of someone next to them — joining together her fans of all generations to soak in the positive energy of that moment.

Eilish’s casual personality and alternative song style has established her as a modern-day punk girl leader, with many comparing her to the debut stylings of Avril Lavigne, a millennial-favorite artist.

Her lyrics are radio-ready catchy, but they also hit at deep subjects that resonate with people of all ages.

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She’s also not one to shy from politics, something that progressives of all ages can get behind.

In a recent Instagram story, Elish announced that she would be donating part of her proceeds from her Music Midtown performance to Planned Parenthood Southeast in protest of Georgia’s “heartbeat” bill, which would ban abortions after about six weeks into the pregnancy, a time when many women do not even know they’re pregnant yet.

Eilish stated that Atlanta is one of her favorite places in the world, but she is not a fan of the state lawmakers’ decision to infringe on women’s rights.

Last month, Eilish was among 136 artists who joined Planned Parenthood to protest laws in states across the U.S. restricting access to abortion as part of the Bans Off My Body campaign.

Walking around Music Midtown, you could see that campaign in full force, with many festival guests sporting Planned Parenthood tote bags advertising the Bans Off My Body campaign.

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