Jennifer Lopez’s Iconic Versace Green Dress Becomes a Sneaker

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Nearly 20 years ago, J Lo made history, Internet history, after walking down the red carpet at the 2000 Grammys in a plunging, jungle-themed Versace dress.

Her dress set the record for the most searches and also prompted Google to include an image search function. It also catapulted J Lo’s fame to new heights, especially in terms of fashion, and made Versace a more recognizable global brand.

To commemorate this iconic moment, Concepts and Versace have teamed up to create the Chain Reaction Sneaker.

The design features a similar jungle themed motif with green laces atop a nude leather tongue. The Concepts X Versace Chain Reaction sneaker became available on Friday, July 19 at Concepts’ Boston and New York City store with a retail price of $1,075.

Concepts creative director Deon Point told Fashion News that the in-store stock is limited but there are more available online, at the Concepts website. “I’m not sure when we’ll see them but she was pretty psyched, from what I could gather, that we did the shoe in homage to such an iconic moment in her life,” said Point.

The release of the sneaker is timely, as it comes around the same time as J Lo’s 50th birthday on July 24. The singer is currently on her ‘Its My Party’ tour and received a pair of the Chain Reaction Sneakers during one of her Boston performances, Point told FN.

So far, the response to the shoes have been mixed, ranging from “kinda fire” to outright “ugly.” People are remarking on the Concepts’ Instagram account.

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