Champion Women Names Politically Diverse Ambassadors

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Champion Women, a movement dedicated to amplifying the voices of women, has released a list of digital ambassadors.

In an effort to combat stereotyping and bring about civility within the discourse of feminism and women’s rights, Champion Women made an effort to choose their ambassadors from a wide sample of the political spectrum. These ambassadors include Fox News journalist Cathy Areu, The Federalist writer Bre Payton, and Heritage Foundation representative Lyndsey Fifield.



“Much is said about celebrating diversity… Champion Women celebrates the diversity of women,” the movement declared in a statement released Wednesday. “Much is said about the needs/benefits of inclusivity… Champion Women is about including ALL women, ALL voices. Much is said about the evils of stereotyping… Champion Women encourages others to stop stereotyping people based on their voting history, political party affiliation, or job. Much is said about the example others are setting in our culture… Each Champion Women ambassador is setting an example herself. Each is setting an example by debating issues in a civil and respectful manner.”

The full list of Champion Women’s ambassador’s can be found on their website.


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