Celebrity Mom Lisa Ling Shares Her Favorite Children’s Books

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Picking the perfect bedtime stories to read to your children can be a daunting task. Journalist and mom Lisa Ling has conquered that task, finding great books that her kids love. The host and executive producer of CNN’s “This is Life With Lisa Ling” has provided us with her favorite children’s books that she’s introduced to her two daughters.

“I LOVE YOU FOREVER” by Robert Munsch

“I get emotional every time I read this book, but I continue to read it to my girls because it’s such expression of unconditional love,” Ling said. “I want them to go to bed knowing how much they are loved.”

“THOSE SHOES” by Maribeth Boelts

“Teaching my kids to be kind is so important to me,” Ling said. “This is such a sweet book about a little boy who desperately wants a certain pair of shoes. He finally finds them at a secondhand store and buys them.  The problem though is that the shoes are a size too small and hurt him. When he sees another little boy with taped up shoes, he gives his shoes away to him because he knows they will fit his friend better.”


“My eldest daughter loses everything, Ling said. “What I hope she finally gets from Cupcake Jones is that if she does not put her things where they belong, she will continue to lose them.”

“MAGIC TREEHOUSE” by Mary Pope Osbourne

“This is a great series filled with adventure and time travel, and I love to gift it for kids’ birthdays,” Ling said. “The first set is 28 books and they go on and on. It follows the adventures of Jack and Annie who find a magic treehouse filled with books that take them around the world and through history.”

“Oh The Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss

“This is a book that I read growing up that I now share with my kids,” Ling said. “I love everything Dr. Seuss.  Every one of his books is genius and not only helps kids learn to read, but they are so much fun.”

How do you keep your kids inspired to read?

“We read together everyday; it’s our ritual,” Ling said. “Over the summer and during the school year, my kids go to Kinder Ready Camp in Los Angeles, which is a magical experience. They have such a fun approach to getting kids excited about learning. Miss Elizabeth is the learning whisperer and we work with her year round.”


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