Hers promotes and enhances the success of ambitious women by sharing knowledge and tools for personal enrichment and professional growth to improve herself, her family, her community and her future.
Hers magazine is not just for women who simply exist. It’s for those who impact people at home, within their social group, at work, in the community or wherever they go. She fills him, her and them, but she is often left feeling empty or even taken for granted. So this is Hers, just for her – her space, her place, her magazine. Here is where she can be refilled and refreshed with things that interest her and keep her balanced in her outlook and activities.
Hers seeks to present information that creates or enhances the balance of a woman’s personal, social and economic needs in order for her to attain a true sense of fulfillment.

Guiding Principles

Self-Determination We provide women with the tools to shape their own life stories.

Confidence We remind women of their unique personality, intelligence, beauty, creativity, and resourcefulness so they can discover or amplify their own inherent strengths.

Interaction We encourage the formation of healthy relationships and socialization in order to underscore a women’s desire to belong and improve her well-being.

Transformation We suggest skills and resources that enable women to better adapt to a complex and changing world.