3 Reasons Nicki Minaj Should Retire and 3 Reasons She Shouldn’t

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Would it really be so terrible if Nicki Minaj retired?

The Black Barbie and Queen of Rap announced earlier this week on Twitter that she is retiring. Needless to say, there were a variety of reactions from both fans and followers of Minaj and her musical career. The Barbz, as Minaj’s fan collective are called, were particularly vocal about their utter horror and disdain at her decision.

This leads to the actual question: should Minaj retire or not? And whether she does or not, what are some of the potential impacts of her decision?

If you think she shoud retire, you are not alone. Many celebrities and fans agree that retiring would be in her best interest. While reasoning tends to vary widely, there seems to be a general trend as to why now is the best time for the Queen to bow out.

1. She has put in the work.

Minaj has been in the business for over a decade, racking up accolades and awards aplenty along the way.  With a combination of albums, mixtapes and successful singles, she’s managed to earn her title as Queen. Were she to leave now, she would be doing so at what many see as the peak of her career.


2. She could pursue other endeavors.

A la Rihanna, Minaj could focus solely on her podcast, “Queen Radio,” or focus on the collaboration with Fendi she’s been seen hyping on her Twitter the past few days. If it worked for Rihanna, who is to say that Minaj could not launch her own successful brand? Many of the fans feel she should branch out in other arenas.


3. She could always make a comeback later in life.

Like Jay Z and his return with his album “Kingdom Come,” Minaj is certainly able to retire now, and perhaps even genuinely intend to, only to return to the game later and remind everyone why she is called the Queen of Rap.


Naturally, there are just as many people that feel she has too much at stake to turn her back on her career now.

There are absolutely valid reasons why Minaj should remain active and continue to pursue her career, even while raising a family.


1. She has unfinished business.

While Minaj has remained active as a featured artist on tracks like Megan Thee Stallion‘s “Hot Girl Summer,” she still has yet to release the album she’s been teasing since “Queen” was released last year. According to TMZ, new music is on the way, and she is collaborating with new artists. Some think this is why Minaj’s retirement should be delayed.


2. She’s setting a poor example.

For female rappers that are following in her footsteps, Minaj leaving the female rap world that she created seems counterintuitive. From Cardi B to Megan Thee Stallion, an influx of female rappers that Minaj could help guide and mold has presented itself. Instead of leaving the game entirely, she could continue to connect with new artists musically. Why stop when you can teach them how to stunt?


3.  She has other options.

As 50 Cent shared so honestly on his Twitter, Minaj could simply take a hiatus, as opposed to simply quitting the game. She could release her album this year, skip the heavy promotion, release the singles with videos already in advance and then take her rest. She could slow down her production and go back to making mixtapes, which she’s also proven to be excellent at creating. She could continue to feature exclusively. Most importantly, she can have her cake and eat it too by having her children and Beyoncé it by involving them in her process once they reach the appropriate age.

Whether Minaj decides to retire or not is absolutely her own choice. She has the means to thrive in either decision, and the Barbz will ensure her legacy remains regardless of the path she chooses.

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