Who is Kamala Harris?

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California native Kamala Harris is looking like a good candidate for the presidency with the Democratic voters.

Harris, 54, seems to have come out of the blue, but she is taking the world by storm. Born in Oakland she has made it her duty to mend the issues of the overlooked and fight for the defenseless. Harris became the United States Senator for California in 2017. She is the second African-American woman and first South Asian-American senator in history.

While serving on 4 different committees, as well as Homeland Security, Kamala’s fight for the rights of all communities in California remains the same. Her mission includes presenting and cosponsoring legislation to raise wages for working people, aiding in the reformation of the criminal justice system, making healthcare a right for all Americans, shedding light on the epidemic of substance abuse, supporting veterans and military families, and expanding access to childcare for working parents.

Ever since a child, her mother, Shyamala, inspired her to fight injustice, being that she was an Indian-American immigrant, activist and breast cancer researcher. Harris is determined to spend her life advocating for those who cannot defend themselves.

From district attorney to senator, Harris is slowly paving her way. Who knows, the presidency could be next.

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