Where You’re Most Likely to Be Catfished

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If the hit documentary and TV show “Catfish” has taught us anything, it’s that we must be careful who we fall in love with online. A new report from HighSpeedInternet.com reveals the states where people are most likely to be a victim to an internet romance scam.

Produced by Nev Schulman after he was tricked in an online relationship, “Catfish” follows the journey of couples who have formed an online relationship but have never met in person. Typically, when the couples finally do meet in person on the show, one of them has fooled (“catfished”) the other one, appearing nothing like he/she was formerly pictured or presented. Some of the most shocking catfishes on the show included those who were unknowingly the opposite sex, a vindictive relative, and even a close friend.

Without the expert help of Schulman and his co-host Max Joseph, trying to figure out if you have been catfished can be a bit more challenging and may even require the help of law enforcement. This new map may also help. Check it out to see how safe is your state:


Catfish map

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