When Family Ties Form a Noose

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You are probably familiar with the old adage “you can’t choose your family,” and you can probably think of several instances that make you wish it was not true. No one has a perfect family, but imagine the horror of having the paparazzi, news crews and reporters all documenting your dirty laundry- let alone a week before you are set to be married.

Welcome to the world of actress, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s fiancé and future duchess. Her father, Thomas Markle, has been the frontrunner of the Royal Wedding drama for the past several days after announcing, and retracting, that he would not be walking his daughter down the aisle this Saturday, in which case her mother most likely would have done the honors.

And let’s not forget Samantha Grant, her estranged half-sister who is in the process of writing “The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister,” or her estranged brother, Thomas Markle Jr. who also used his sister’s upcoming marriage as an opportunity to exercise his writing skills. According to the Daily Mail, he “penned an open letter urging Prince Harry to dump his sister.” Both siblings have used the words, “shallow,” “narcissistic” and “jaded” to describe the bride-to-be, yet both have also requested an invitation to the wedding. Meghan’s parents have made it evident that they prefer to keep out of the eyes of the press, and maybe her siblings should follow suit. For two adults who were not even raised in the same household as Ms. Markle, the ‘jealous sibling’ routine is unarguably childish.


Weddings should be a period of joy and excitement, and sometimes a little bit (or a lot of) stress, so we can empathize with Markle and the added stress her family is bringing to the ceremonial table before her big day. She has confided in one of US Weekly’s sources, saying that she is looking forward to the end of the drama. The future duchess is openly disturbed by the way her family has chosen to compose themselves prior to the wedding, but in another conversation with US Weekly, she affirmed that, despite the drama, she is focused on enjoying this weekend.


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