What’s Your Girl’s Anthem?

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By Tommeka Sieman


Somewhere, there is a secret vault that contains the official list of “girl’s anthems.” These include songs that are essential to the pre-club, in-the-club, and after-the-club experience – and sometimes, the morning after…

Some of the girl’s anthems that I love from the ‘90s include:

  • Scrubs (TLC)… hanging out the passenger side of his best friend’s ride, trying to holla at me
  • It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay (Whitney Houston)… Close the door behind you, leave your key. I’d rather be alone than unhappy (this one was the motivation for a breakup)
  • Bills, Bills, Bills (Destiny’s Child)… You trifflin’ good for nothing kinda brother, oh silly me why haven’t I found another (same breakup… )
  • I’ll Take Your Man (Salt N Peppa)… And when I say I will, you know I can, don’t mess with me cuz I’ll take your man


Whitney Houston It’s Not Right, But It’s OkayEven though a few break-up songs were mixed in, these songs all had a great beat and a great message. When they were played in the club, girls and guys alike headed to the floor (except for Scrubs – no guys danced to that) ready to dance and lip-synch and have a great time.

In particular, I’ll Take Your Man fills my head and my heart with fond memories. To this day, this is the pre-club song for me and my girlfriends (hopefully all of my LU girls remember). It was the final song that we played as we checked our hair, makeup, outfits, posed for photos (yes we posed for photos before cell phones), and walked out the door.

When we got to the club, that song was still playing in our heads. We strutted in and paused, knowing that all eyes were on us. We wanted people to know that we were bad-azz chicas and we were bringing the party – right before we claimed our seats at the bar.

However, we also wanted people to know that there was no touching allowed… no nasty talking, no getting in my face, no drinks for benefits…blah, blah, blah. Sadly, there was no girl’s anthem for that.



Well, spring forward 20-something years and the girl’s anthem that I’ve been waiting for is here. Meghan Trainor has said what ladies around the world just need to say sometimes… nah, to the ah, to the no, no, no…

I’m so glad that Meghan Trainor is here in 2016, launching a new anthem just for us. It’s one that my daughters and their friends will jam to as they get ready for a fun night out. It’s an anthem that reminds them that it is okay to act like a lady and to be treated like one… that it’s okay to get dressed up, go out and have fun… that it’s okay to say “nah, to the ah, to the no, no, no…”

In Meghan’s words…

 All you ladies listen up!

Lick your lips and swing your hips and all you gotta say is…

My name is No,

My sign is No,

My number is No…

You need to let it go,

You need to let it go,

Need to let it go

Nah, to the ah, to the No, No, No


So, what’s your girl’s anthem?


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