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Hers is where both daily routine and welcome distractions find expression, appealing to ambitious working women of all ages who regard their lifestyle as much as their career. It’s for women who have to work and for those who love to work on everything from finance and family to their health and themselves in general. It includes features that help women forge a sense of self through health, beauty, relationships, spirituality, entertainment, and travel.
Hers magazine consistently offers:
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Hers magazine features the following topics:
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Features: Issues, Trends, People, Places, Perspectives
Her Heart: Relationships, Family, Home
Her Flavor: Food, Fashion, Beauty (skin, cosmetics, etc), Hair
Her Health: Wellness, Fitness, Faith/Spirituality
Her Lessons: Social commentary, Personal growth, By Example (F3 Women)
Her Work: Money, Business, Gadgets
Her Play: Travel, Hobbies/Pastimes, Entertainment (Music, Movies, Books, Theater)*
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