What We Still Don’t Know About the Royal Wedding

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Unlike past royal weddings where almost all the details down to the dress designer were made public way ahead of time, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are going a different route. This is a couple who has tried to keep their personal life, just that, personal. And this wedding is no different. The royal wedding is now a mere three days away, and there’s still so much we don’t know.

Check out our list of what’s still up in the air for England’s royal love birds.

1. Are the future duchess’s half-siblings welcome at the wedding festivities?

Samantha Grant and Thomas Markle Jr. have been vocal and opinionated about the royal wedding set to take place this Saturday, and both have requested an invitation to attend. The media has ample coverage of their opinions, but no comment on whether or not they will be welcome at any of the wedding festivities.


2. Will Meghan Markle be wearing a tiara on her wedding day?

It is tradition for the future duchess of England to wear a tiara as she makes her vows, so we can assume that Ms. Markle will follow suit. Kate Middleton borrowed Queen Elizabeth II’s Cartier Halo tiara on her wedding day, and the Queen has copious others to lend.


3. When and where will they be honeymooning?

Although the couple will not be able to honeymoon immediately after their wedding because of a previous engagement for the following week, they do intend on going eventually. Whether or not they will announce the time and location of their honeymoon is up in the air, but we do know that Kate and William understandably did not.


4. Who is on the guest list?

Kensington Palace has remained secretive about who received an invitation to the Royal Wedding, but we do know that there will be 2,600 people in attendance. A select few invitees have been revealed, including an Irish high school student, an Argentinian polo player, and survivors of the Grenfall fire tragedy. We are not aware of any American celebrities/pop culture icons who will be in attendance outside of some of Markle’s old coworkers from the show ‘Suits’ and a few close friends like Serena Williams.

5. What title will the Queen give to Meghan and Harry?

The rules governing the British crown assert that only those born into a royal family may wear the title of ‘prince’ or ‘princess’ before their name. So, although Meghan is having a royal wedding, she will not be referred to as ‘Princess Meghan’ after she says ‘I do’. It is probably that the Queen will bestow a Dukedom upon the newlyweds, so we can predict that they will be deemed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

6. Will Thomas Markle be walking his daughter down the aisle?

Thomas Markle has had his fair share of negative encounters with the press, despite his otherwise solitary lifestyle. The current conversation surrounding the father of the bride-to-be concerns whether or not he will be attending the ceremony. He suffered from a heart attack last week, but checked himself out of the hospital on May 8. He feared that his negative portrayal in the press would humiliate his daughter on her big day and did not want to attend for that reason. Earlier today, he announced that he would try his best to attend if he is given his doctor’s permission.

7. What does the dress look like?

A Town and Country Reporter confirmed that the dress was “finished and safely hidden at Windsor Castle.” Just like Kate Middleton’s dress was kept a secret until she stepped out of the carriage on her wedding day, the same mystery envelops Meghan Markle’s dress. The designer and style of the dress remain unknown to the masses, but she has announced that she does not wish to upstage the Duchess of Cambridge.

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