What Happens when Women Support Each Other in the Arts?

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Artists, have joined forces to present a joint art show which is currently exhibiting their work at Chashama Gallery in New York.

The two decided to work together after meeting at the international art festival, La Biennale di Venezia in 2017. And after spending time together, the two seemed to learn that both their artworks shared a common theme– female empowerment. This common thread has inspired the title of their joint exhibit which is called, “When Women Support Each Other, Incredible Things Happen.”

While the two artists have vastly different styles with Wertheimer creating light boxes  incorporating illumination, drawing and photographs of abstract art, and Feuerman’s work features hyperplastic statues, the two have used the common theme of female empowerment to create a unique and vivid display.

“I am very excited to be co-exhibiting with a fellow artist who is inspired by women and their personal experiences and stories,” says Wertheimer. “My artworks give expression to many issues such as homosexuality, domestic violence, sexual abuse, body image issues, and so forth. Through my work I show that a person has the right to decide how he or she is coping with his or her difficulty, and whether they decide to develop and grow from the difficulty into a strength, embracing the ‘bars,’ or remain in the same place. Within us is the power to allow ourselves to make a change in the space we have in our lives.”

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