Virgil Abloh is reaching new heights with his latest Off-White™ Spring/Summer 2020 collection

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Virgil Abloh, an American fashion designer, debuted his Off-White™ Spring/Summer 2020 collection in collaboration with New York artist Futura and Nike at Paris Fashion Week. Being recently named the creative advisor for Evian Natural Spring Water to promote its goal of 100% recycled plastic bottles by 2025, Abloh is one of several designers making a statement about sustainable fashion and its place in the world.

Abloh uses the term “plastic” as a metaphor to describe some of the pieces in this collection in hopes of elevating the conversation on how it [plastic] has changed from something useful in society to a ‘polarizing term.’  He makes references to this with a repurposed recycling logo on a white boiler suit early on during the runway show.

The same dichotomy can be said about Abloh’s collaboration with Futura.  In some backstage sketches, the designer explains his thoughts about how graffiti has typically been considered as vandalism seen on the side of subway trains, but now through time, it is seen as beautiful art. The collection also makes references to this in graffiti-inspired prints and a variety of looks, which include suiting, soft trenches, denim jackets, knitted sweaters, semi-transparent ponchos and evening dresses.

Below are some of the looks from Abloh’s Off-White™ Spring/Summer 2020 collection.



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