Trump Claims He Did Not Have an Affair with that Woman

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History seems to be repeating itself as yet another American President attempts to cover up his adulterous past. Donald Trump is being accused of not only cheating on his wife, Melania Trump, soon after she had given birth to their son. But, what’s causing possibly more controversy than the affair is the cover up which occurred a mere 11 days before the presidential election.

While President Trump, 71, denies having the affair (hmm where have we heard that one before?), adult film star, Stormy Daniels, 39, is finally coming forward despite scare tactics and pay offs from Trump’s legal team, specifically his attorney, Michael D. Cohen.

Daniels describes the infamous night of when she went up to Trump’s hotel room. She remembered how self-involved he was, showing her his picture on a magazine and blabbering on about himself. She said she then proceeded to spank him with said magazine after he bent over and slid his pants down. It was after that humbling act that he compared Daniels to his daughter (let’s not get into that one) and then had sex with her. After the sexual encounter, he reassured Daniels that his marriage wasn’t an issue saying, “”Oh yeah, yeah, you know, don’t worry about that. We don’t even– we have separate rooms and stuff.” While they met and talked a few other times, this was the only sexual encounter between them.

The scandal began to publically surface back in 2011 when Daniels agreed to tell her story to a sister publication of In Touch Magazine for a fee of $15,000. According to former employees of the publication, the story never ran because Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, threatened to sue after the publication reached out to Trump for a comment. Daniels was never paid for the story and was threatened in Las Vegas a few weeks later.

Daniels recounted the encounter on 60 Minutes saying, “I was in a parking lot, going to a fitness class with my infant daughter. T– taking, you know, the seats facing backwards in the backseat, diaper bag, you know, gettin’ all the stuff out. And a guy walked up on me and said to me, ‘Leave Trump alone. Forget the story.’ And then he leaned around and looked at my daughter and said, ‘That’s a beautiful little girl. It’d be a shame if something happened to her mom.’ And then he was gone.” Daniels made no efforts to tell her story to the police or anyone else after this threat because she says she was scared for herself and for her family.

Fast forward five years to 2016 in the heat of the presidential election, and suddenly people are contacting Daniels and offering large amounts of money to tell her story again. Amongst those offering her deals was Michael Cohen. Cohen offered Daniels $130,000 to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Urged by her lawyer at the time, Daniels signed the agreement. She said “the agreement was appealing because it meant she would receive some money but also not have to worry about the effect the revelation of the affair would have on her child who was now old enough to watch the news.” The contract was signed only 11 days before the election.

When asked if she felt there would be legal repercussions if she didn’t sign, she said that the exact words used to get her to sign were, “They can make your life hell in many different ways.” She believes the “they” referred to Michael Cohen.

Now that Daniels has chosen to speak out, Trump’s legal team is threatening her with a multi-million-dollar lawsuit with Cohen commenting that he’ll take an extended vacation with the money he’ll win from Daniels. But maybe, Mr. Cohen shouldn’t start packing his swim trunks just yet because Daniel’s lawyer is claiming that the contract is not only invalid due to the lack of Donald Trump’s signature but also should be terminated due to the intimidation tactics used to get Daniels to sign.

On top of that, Cohen is being investigated by the Justice Department and the Federal Election Commission, alleging that the $130,000 paid to Stormy Daniels was an illegal campaign contribution. It would appear that Cohen is now trying like hell to cover his a** as well as the orange one that runs our country by claiming that he paid Daniels out of his own pocket and was never reimbursed by Mr. Trump. This claim seems highly unlikely since Cohen can be disbarred for doing so, and he used his Trump Organization email and paperwork to conduct the deal with Daniels.

According to Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, “This idea that there’s a separation now between Mr. Cohen, individually, and the Trump Organization or Mr. Cohen, individually, and Donald Trump, it– it– it’s nonsense.”

We’ll have to wait and see how the legal matters of the scandal playout, but for now people are taking to Twitter to express their thoughts on the issue. While Melania Trump has refused to comment so far, her spokesperson explained in a tweet their wish for Melania’s son to be left out of the drama.

Having been in a very similar predicament when she was a first child, Chelsea Clinton has also tweeted in defense of Barron Trump saying that, everyone should “leave Barron Trump alone and let him have the private childhood he deserves.”

While Barron shouldn’t be brought into this controversy, I highly doubt that he or his family will be moving out of the White House anytime soon. If Clinton was able to stay in office after the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and Trump can be recorded saying, “Grab ‘em by the p****,” and still get elected, I highly doubt this affair will have any effect on his presidency. He’s more likely to get impeached based on the financial misconduct in this scandal rather than the sexual misconduct.


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