HERS Poll Results: Things Women Find Most Annoying about Men

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What Do Women Find Most Annoying About Men?

By: Tamara King

Hers magazine poll

Are men really that annoying? I think by now both men and women have come to the realization that we are from different planets in the same galaxy. Nowhere can this be witnessed more readily than in relationships. Men and women in relationships have their own way of doing things, especially communicating. Ladies, we may never truly understand how men operate, and men may never understand what women really want. Just as much as men can nitpick about women being nagging, women can counter that with their assertion of men being annoying.

We surveyed women and asked them what they thought was most annoying about men. Hopefully, men will see these results and possibly make an effort to do a little better. Meanwhile, here are the results:

What do you find most annoying that men do? 

Adjusting their privates, leaving the toilet seat up, constantly staring at women, and expecting the woman to pay all tied at 17%. But the most annoying thing that women think that men do is: they don’t listen (33%). We know the importance of communicating in a relationship, but just as much as we speak, we must listen to each other as well.

What do you find most annoying when you first meet a man?

Not having much of a conversation (31%) and constantly talking about sex (46%) were two top things that women found most annoying. If you can’t hold a decent conversation, that’s an automatic no first or second date…


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