The Bachelor Finale Gets ‘Brutal’

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“It’s brutal,” said Becca in watching the video of her public, televised breakup on The Bachelor.

Most of America would agree with her sentiment. In fact, perhaps all feeling Americans would agree.

Becca and Lauren The Bachelor

Becca Kufrin (L) and Lauren Burnham (R)

This season’s bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr., chose Becca Kufrin during the final rose ceremony on Monday, March 5th, episode. “I choose you today, and I choose you every day from here on out. I love you so much,” Arie told Becca before asking her to marry him.

What seemed like true love only lasted a matter of time, as Ari decided to choose someone else to love every day. That someone was fellow Bachelor contestant Lauren Burnham, who Ari had mixed feelings about up until the very end, just before proposing to Becca.

In one of the most painful, gut-wrenching scenes ever on reality TV, Ari explained to Becca literally over and over and over again why he had changed his mind. The reactions on social media ranged from outrage at Ari to pity for Becca.


Part 2 of the brutal break up and subsequent reunion of Ari, Lauren and Becca will air live Tuesday on ABC.


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