Tamera Mowry Shares Motherhood Lessons

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Actress, talk show host and entrepreneur Tamera Mowry-Housley shared her valuable lessons in motherhood. The co-host of “The Real” is the mother two children, Aden (4 years old) and Ariah (2 years old), told Hers just how she is able to get her children to cooperate while allowing them autonomy.

In reference to getting her son dressed, she said, “I give him options. He has three options to choose from.” She said giving him options has changed his disposition toward getting dressed and even taking care of what he wears. “Because he gets to choose, he feels a  little bit more like he’s in control.”

As for her daughter, Tamera says, “Shoes is a big issue for her. She wants to be comfortable.”

In general, she sees no gender difference in children’s developmental milestones, including potty training, maintaining that “all children are different.” Tamera feels she would stigmatize her children by assigning them labels, such as “girls potty-train faster than boys.”

Currently, Tamera is grappling with nighttime dryness, as her son has recently stopped wetting at night. Next comes her daughter, who she is allowing to mature at her own pace without pressure.

Tamera married journalist Adam Housley on May 15, 2011, after they dated for almost six years.





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