Tameka Raymond: A Woman After Fame

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by Sara Lanier

In a world where printed newspapers no longer hold as much value due to their slower release of information, we as a tech-savvy generation look to the new, continually updated, easily accessible social media outlets for information, even our up-to-the-minute news updates. We also get “the tea,” gossip or just the plain ol’ truth via social media. Sometimes, social sites are places where it’s difficult to decipher truth from lies, so I was determined to uncover the truth about Tameka J. Foster, formerly Tameka J. Raymond, and her new life.

During Tameka’s very public pregnancy, marriage and divorce to Usher Raymond, she remained a trending topic on social media. People wanted to find out as much as they could about the former Mrs. Raymond. What we learned is a fact that Tameka J. Foster was once married to Ryan Glover, and the couple had two sons. She then remarried her once best friend and client Usher Raymond. After two years and two boys later, the divorce was announced publically in 2009. Again, as was true throughout the relationship, social media was abuzz in search of the cause and circumstances surrounding the divorce.



Many gossip blogs and social media outlets have categorized the mother of five as a damsel who is terribly “insecure” with a “nasty attitude” and, most of all, unwilling to let go of her past life with ex-husband Usher. On March 25, 2016, I would have a chance to determine for myself if the characterization was unfounded, more about envy and shade rather than grounded in truth. I met with Tameka at Houston’s Restaurant on the outskirts of metro Atlanta. Greeted immediately by a cheerful, accommodating hostess, two feelings combined into one, a bit nervous about the wondering eyes and slightly bothered by the noise level. The hostess asked about seat preference and I glanced at Tameka. With a wide-eyed smile, she and I both said “a booth.”

Adding to the late-afternoon crowd in the restaurant, waitresses and the hostess continued in sync after we were seated. Seemingly unbothered by the bustle, Tameka sat settled in a throw-over dress with a unique pattern and cross-body bag. Her skin looked healthy, without a trace of tension, and her hair was neatly curled, falling softly around her face. She had the poise of a self-confident, wise woman who had learned patience and experienced pain but embodied no apologies.

In describing who she really is, she painted a well-rounded persona, committed to motherhood, as well as entrepreneurial endeavors. She said, I always say I am a lot of things. I am a mother, and that’s a title I hold with high regard because it’s a great responsibility that is given. I didn’t realize that until my second child. The first time I was young and I thought I was doing all the ‘mommy things,’ but it’s really a blessing to have a child come through you…”


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