Taking Film Directions from Her

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[tps_header]A lot has changed for women in the workforce, but not in the film industry. Women and Hollywood reported that women directed an average of 4.7% of studio films from 2009-2013, and 10% of independent films from 2009-2013.

In 2014, women accounted for 7% of film directors, up 1 percentage point from 2013, according last year’s annual study by the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film. These recent films directed by 20 women have grossed more than half a billion dollars combined. Here are seven renowned women directors featured in Hers March/April issue:[/tps_header]

Sam Taylor-Johnson- “Fifty Shades of Grey”






“Fifty Shades” had the biggest opening ever for a female film director.

In Her Words: “I think, in hindsight, they were really hoping for a woman director to handle [Fifty Shades of Grey].” (Interview Magazine)

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