Stylish Summer Sunglasses for the Stars and You

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It is now officially summer, which for many people means, pool parties, cook-outs and rooftops. With all that sunshine, one of the most important summer necessities is, of course, sunglasses. A company that makes designer sunglasses, ic! berlin, is beloved by celebrities including Brad Pitt, Heidi Klum, Alicia Keys and Madonna.

What makes ic! berlin unique from other designer brands is that they don’t use screws that are found in traditional glasses and instead, create their own interlocking hinges. For more than 20 years, their eyewear has been entirely made in Berlin, Germany. Each frame features a one-of-a-kind, screwless hinge system that, combined with high quality materials, makes their eyewear virtually indestructible. Ic! berlin eyewear is handcrafted and produced with technical precision, while also maintaining a their signature modern and innovative look.

Checkout just a few of their latest accessories from their new summer collection. 







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