Steps to Naturally Treat Your Dry, Cracked Heels

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Cracked and dried heels are a common complaint this time of year.  Winter is not the only time the skin of your heels appear cracked and dried.  Aging, dry climates, pressure from standing and walking, your diet, and some health concerns can increase the appearance of this bothersome, and even painful condition.  But do not fret!  With a little tender loving care, you can treat, or maybe even prevent, those cracked heel fissures.

The first step in treating your cracked heels is to soak your feet in a basin of warm water for a minimum of 15 minutes.  Consider adding a little lemon juice to your bath.  Lemon juice helps soften the skin and also has antibacterial properties.

After letting your feet soak, it is time to gently exfoliate your heels.  You can do this by using a pumice stone.  Another way to gently exfoliate dry, dead skin is by using a body scrub.  Try mixing together 3 tablespoons of granulated sugar with ½ tablespoon each of honey and apple cider vinegar.  Massage the scrub over the entire foot, focusing on the heels, in a circular motion.  Rinse well in your water basin.  Be sure to pat your skin dry.  Rubbing the towel across the skin may create further irritation.

After removing your feet from your basin of water, it is time to moisturize.  This can be done by applying your favorite lotion to your feet and covering with a pair of thick socks.  You can also rub in your favorite oil (coconut oil and sweet almond oil are two of my favorites) onto your feet, giving yourself a massage at the same time.  Let the oil absorb into the skin for at least ten minutes before covering with socks.  Do not rinse off the oil.  No matter which product you use, for best results, keep the socks on for several hours or overnight, when possible.

Once a week, consider applying a foot mask to your heels.  One easy mask is made by peeling and mashing a ripe banana.  Spread the mashed banana to your heels and allow to sit on the skin for at least ten minutes.  For an even more nourishing foot mask, consider mashing half an avocado and mixing with the banana before applying.  Remove the mask by rinsing your skin with warm water.  Pat dry and moisturize before covering your feet with socks.

With a little effort, your feet will be sandal ready before you know it!








Jaime Johnson’s passion for all-natural products started as a challenge to produce high-quality health and beauty products, at home, from common household ingredients.  This research lead to the creation of her book, Natural Beauty (www.naturalbeautythebook.com).  She welcomes opportunities to speak, teach, and/or give product creation demonstrations relating to the benefits of all-natural products to interested organizations and groups.  Jaime can be contacted via the Natural Beauty website.

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