RIP Vine: Social Media App Discontinues

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Vine is shutting

Vine’s most popular stars, such as Joanne the Scammer, will have to look for new online platforms.

“Do it for the Vine!”

This is the popular expression daring someone to do something on camera for a Vine video.

Well, in a few months, no one will officially be able to ‘do it for the Vine.’ The 6-second online video platform owned by Twitter released a statement on Medium stating that users can expect the video-sharing app to discontinue in a few months. Old videos will still be archived on the site, though.


Nothing Personal, Just Business

From the user perspective, social media doesn’t translate much outside of, well, being social. However, for corporations, high-traffic social media platforms generate enormous advertising revenue. Saavy Vine users have been able to monetize their brands. Unfortunately, the 6-second video app that provided a platform for non-conventional media could not keep up with the likes of Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. In a recent New York Times article, reporter Mike Isaac observed, “Vine could never recover from Instagram’s video launch a few years back.”



In addition to outside competition, Vine had internal competition when Twitter, who bought Vine in 2012, launched its own video feature, featuring 60-second clips. Rus Yusupov, Vine co-founder, tweeted  “shots fired” in reference to Twitter’s decision to discontinue Vine uploads after reporting revenue losses.

Isaac said, “Twitter…cutting off dead weight.”

Using the hashtag #Vine, Twitter users made sure to give the app a proper sound-off after hearing of the news. Some users questioned, others showed remorse, and a few even begged.




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