Prostitutes to Take Ownership of Las Vegas Area Brothel

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To help raise capital for the purchase of the well-known Chicken Ranch brothel, Dennis Hof is turning to his working girls as potential investors.

Hof is the owner of seven brothels throughout the state of Nevada, including the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. If his workers do invest in this new venture, the Chicken Ranch brothel, located about 60 miles outside of Las Vegas, would potentially become the first legal Nevada bordello to be co-owned and operated by active prostitutes.

“I already own half the brothels in Nye county, so I wasn’t initially intrigued when the opportunity to purchase the Chicken Ranch was presented to me by the current ownership,” Hof said. “But when one of my working girls threatened to buy the Chicken Ranch if I didn’t, the idea of an employee-owned den of iniquity began to appeal to me.”

“It’s a win-win situation,” Hof said. “I get the additional finances I need to execute the purchase and renovate the Chicken Ranch, and the ladies get to use their hard-earned money to invest in and run a long-term money-making business that they already have a great deal of expertise in.”

“I can’t imagine any group of investors who are better suited or more knowledgeable to be my partners in this venture,” Hof said. “These women know the business because they are the business!”

Three prostitutes from Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch have already agreed to invest a sizable sum toward the purchase of the Pahrump brothel.



Alice Little, an investor and Hof’s top earning harlot, believes that Hof’s decision to allow investment opportunities to working girls is a game changer for the Nevada brothel industry and for sex worker rights.

“For far too long the American legal brothel industry has been dominated by an overwhelming number of male brothel owners,” Little said. “It’s high time that the women who make up this industry not only have a say in how things are done, but also have a seat at the table where we can assert real leadership and send a message to sex workers everywhere that women can shatter the Nevada sex industry’s glass ceiling.”

Harley Lane

Moonlite Bunny Ranch working girl, Harley Lane

Highly successful Bunny Ranch sex worker Harley Lane, also an investor, is pleased that she will have a say in the rules and regulations as an owner of the Chicken Ranch.

“At the Bunny Ranch, the ladies are not allowed to wear cutoff denim shorts while working,” Lane said. “As a Texas girl who loves her denim, this is going to be the first silly rule I immediately and irreversibly abolish as co-owner of the Chicken Ranch.”

“It might seem like a small thing, but when I walk out for a lineup in my recycled Levi’s cutoffs and high heels, I’ll know that this is my house with my rules.” Lane said.

“I’m actually not surprised Dennis is doing this,” Said Tiara Tae, another Bunny Ranch courtesan investing in the Chicken Ranch. “Dennis has a history of entrusting his operation to strong women like Bunny Ranch general manager Madam Suzette.”

“I believe Dennis trusts us working girls to run the place better than any outside investor — and he definitely knows we have the cash on hand to help him with the purchase,” Tae said.

Working girls at the Bunny Ranch and Hof’s other six other brothels keep 50% of all earnings from intimate services rendered.

“I look forward to negotiating the purchase of the Chicken Ranch with the current ownership,” Hof said. “My girls have literally charmed the pants off many of the world’s most accomplished business leaders, so I’m sure we’ll end up with a great deal on the property.”

Hof is not concerned that the process of vetting potential licensees of a Nevada brothel is an arduous and lengthy process, involving a deep background check.

“I can’t speak for their clients, but these girls definitely don’t have any skeletons in their closet,” Hof said.

-By Jeremy Lemur





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