Personal Care Wipes: Not Just For Your Baby’s Bottom

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If you read Personal Care Wipes: Know Exactly What You’re Using on Your Skin, you already know how to make your own wipes at home.  Now, here some suggestions on how to use your new wipes.  While you can still use your all-natural wipes on your baby’s bottom, be sure to try some of these other options, too.  You might just find a new way to make your normal routines a little more convenient.

  • Remove your eye (and other) makeup. The coconut oil makes even the most stubborn long-lasting formulas slide off.  This is great for those 24-hour lip sticks!
  • Use a wipe to remove those makeup stains from clothing. Many retail stores use wipes to save clothing from dressing room makeup mishaps.
  • Remove those deodorant marks from your clothing.
  • Forgot that deodorant? Use a wipe to remove any sour odors from those pits.
  • Use to remove stains on clothing- similar to those laundry sticks. Be sure to test in an inconspicuous spot first!
  • If you dye your hair at home, use a wipe to remove any colorful drips from yourself and your home before they stain.



  • Use as emergency toilet paper when you run out- but do not flush; throw them away. Even those commercial wipes that are marked as flushable are bad for sewer and septic systems.
  • Freshen up after the gym or any time of day! Need a cooling boost?  Keep a few in a plastic bag in your cooler for extra refreshment when you are out in the heat.
  • Take on the plane for an easy way to clean up that is TSA approved!
  • Tame your flyaway hair by running a wipe gently across those wild spots.
  • Use to wash your hands when soap and running water are not available.
  • Clean under your nails with a wipe to remove dirt and grime.
  • Use to remove leftover wax from face or bikini line after hair removal.
  • Pat your skin to help moisturize dry and tight-feeling skin.
  • If you use self-tanner, use wipes to help remove the streaks!

Did we leave out your favorite use for personal care wipes?  Add your recommendations in the comments!




Jaime Johnson’s passion for all-natural products started as a challenge to produce high-quality health and beauty products, at home, from common household ingredients.  This research lead to the creation of her book, Natural Beauty (www.naturalbeautythebook.blogspot.com). 




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