Personal Care Wipes: Know Exactly What You’re Using on Your Skin

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If you walk in to the baby aisle of any pharmacy, you are likely to see numerous options for convenient personal care thanks to the disposable wipe industry.  Personal care wipe sales were over $8 billion dollars last year alone, and the industry expects those numbers to climb higher in the coming years.  Personal care wipes are convenient and easy to use, especially when away from home.  As great as these products are, there are often concerns as to the ingredients used in them, especially when used on areas as sensitive as a baby’s bottom.  You can make your own personal wipes at home and you will know exactly what you are rubbing on your skin.

You will need:

  • ½ roll of paper towels- Cut one large roll horizontally, across the middle of the roll, with a sharp knife
  • 4 cups warm, distilled water
  • 2 squirts of your favorite all-natural cleaner (look for a liquid castile soap made from 100% plant oils)
  • 2 TBS coconut oil
  • 1 container large enough to fit the half roll of paper towels with an airtight lid




Place your ½ roll of paper towels inside the container.  Mix together the other ingredients and pour over the paper towels.  Put the lid on the container, making sure it is sealed, and flip it upside down.  Let the paper towels soak for 5 minutes.  Turn over the container, remove the lid, and pull out the paper towel roll.  It should slide out easily.  Now pull the center paper towel and you have your very own pop-up personal wipe dispenser.  Keep the lid on when not in use.


But wait!  If you are concerned about the environment, I have an alternative!  If you do not mind washing and reusing your personal care wipes, I recommend using old t-shirts or t-shirt material, receiving blankets, cloth diaper material, or even baby wash cloths.  Cut the material into an 8 inch square.  Place the squares in the container in a nice stack and continue with the recipe as above.  Simply wash them out after use and add them to the next round of wipes you make.




Jaime Johnson’s passion for all-natural products started as a challenge to produce high-quality health and beauty products, at home, from common household ingredients.  This research lead to the creation of her book, Natural Beauty (www.naturalbeautythebook.blogspot.com).


Online editor for Hers magazine.

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