Pack More Plant-Based Protein in your Daily Diet

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“You’re a vegetarian? But how do you get protein?”

This is the inevitable question that plagues all people who choose to live a meat-free life.

Dr. David Williams, former holistic healthcare provider at Multi-Care Holistic Health Center in Conyers, Georgia, says every person, vegetarian or not, should aim to consume “half their body weight in grams of protein per day.”

It seems excessive, but this amount is necessary for a healthy body to function each day. Dr. Williams says, “Protein acts as a blood sugar regulator, protects muscle while you’re losing weight and satiates you so you feel full longer.” According to a 2008 study found in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry, “Protein intake…can affect the brain functioning and mental health.”

With a little planning, it is easy to incorporate protein into every meal. Here are five crucial ways to eat vegetarian-friendly protein throughout your day, from the early morning rush to your late night snack.

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