Omarosa’s Critics Come to Her Defense

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While Omarosa has faced a fire-storm of backlash in the media due to her recent firing, audio tapes, and newly released book, it is the president’s racial tweets that are causing Omarosa’s biggest critics to come to her defense.

As a reality television star, Omarosa Manigault Newman first gained Trump’s attention while serving as a contestant on the “Apprentice.”  She then went on to serve as the Director of African-American Outreach for Donald Trump during his 2016 presidential campaign. Before being fired by Pres. Trump’s chief of staff, John Kelly, in December 2017, Omarosa worked a senior advisor in the Office of Public Liaison.

In Omarosa’s new book,” Unhinged,” she describes the atmosphere behind the scenes in the Trump administration, including claims that President Trump has used the n-word when referring to past contestants on the Apprentice. She has even released several tapes that refer to this claim.


In response to the published book and released audiotapes, Donald Trump tweeted, calling Omarosa a “lowlife” and “dog.


Now, despite the major backlash against her, many of Omarosa’s biggest critics are coming to her defense, calling out President’s Trumps racially charged stabs at his once-trusted employee.

In an article published by NBC, Sophia A. Nelson notes Trumps inappropriate racial attack on Omarosa was not the first, and probably won’t be the last.

She states, “I may not like Omarosa’s methods, but like me, she isn’t afraid to rock the boat…Obviously, Trump is not your average boss. If he were, it’s likely his behavior would not be tolerated. He is petty and vindictive and offensive. I get that a former ‘Apprentice’ employee betrayed his trust. But this wasn’t any employee, it was a woman of color. Incensed, Trump took to Twitter to call Manigault Newman a ‘dog’ — an insult that implies an otherness, a subhumanness.”

Furthermore, Julia Craven also notes how, as a black woman, Omarosa is functions in the world differently. In article published in the Huffington Post, Craven criticizes Omarsa, “Manigault Newman is no hero. She was complicit in Trump’s White House. She was reportedly behind some of his worst tweets. She kept quiet about Trump’s racism until she had a book to promote….”

Craven continues noting the racial undertones Omarosoa faces during the recent media frenzy, “Maybe she’s opportunistic. Maybe she’s just trying to survive. Maybe she’s power hungry and vindictive. So are lots of politicians. The difference is that she’s a black woman. Black women, even the ones with terrible politics, know to hold on to things. We know the dogs will come running after you when you defect — no matter how loyal you were during your time on the plantation.”

Even conservative writer and political commentator, Shermichael Singleton spoke out against Trumps attack, tweeting against the racial jab.


Omarosa has become a controversial figure, undermining President Donald Trump, the very person that employed her and made her famous. While she may be sneaky and untrustworthy to many, it appears that the President’s immature and racial charges that has really caused a stir.


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