Nuns Buy Stock in Gun Companies to Ensure Gun Safety

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It’s not quite a “nuns with guns” situation, but it’s close, and potentially far more effective.

A coalition of a dozen nun associations known as the Northwest Coalition for Responsible Investment has made a crusade of purchasing stocks in companies that they find to be potentially harmful to the world at large, previously targeting companies responsible for climate change and indigenous rights. The idea is that if their organization can control enough shares of any given company, they can sway the direction in which the company uses its power, and how it’s perceived by the world at large.

And now, they’ve moved on to gun manufacturers.

Presently, the Association has stocks in Sturm Ruger & Co. and American Outdoor Brands, both companies known for manufacturing the sort of semi-automatic weapons used in mass shootings. And it seems to be working. In addition to Dick’s Sporting Goods agreeing to cease all sales of assault-style weapons, both Sturm Ruger and American Outdoor Brands has agreed to a resolution toward ending gun violence.

“The gun industry is saying they’re not going to change,” Sister Judy Byron, the director of NCRI, told the Seattle Times. “This shows they’re going to have to.”


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