New App Released for Moms with Special Needs Kids

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A new app allows mothers raising children with special needs to get support from similar mothers in their community.

The app is designed for moms to connect with like-minded women in their neighborhoods who are also raising children with special needs, such as autism, anxiety, ADHD, sensory processing issues, developmental delays, mental health issues, down syndrome, and other learning differences. The new content, commerce and community app was announced Wednesday from Wolf + Friends, a lifestyle platform for families.

In a judgment-free space, app members can create a peer-to-peer support system via direct messages and group chats, making connections with new friends and mentors. The community will also have access to a curated content feed where they can read relevant news, shop stylish and developmentally appropriate products and get lifestyle tips from occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, child psychologists, behaviorists, financial advisors and other experts.

“Wolf + Friends began as an inclusive shopping platform for parents raising children of all abilities,” said Carissa Tozzi, co-founder of Wolf + Friends. “But we soon discovered that our amazing community of special needs moms needed more support. Many were feeling isolated and alone and wanted to meet friends nearby who would truly understand the beauty and challenges of raising a child with special needs.”

“This is the app for moms that I wish I had when my son was first diagnosed with autism,” said Gena Mann, co-founder Wolf + Friends. “We launched Wolf + Friends to be the tool for parents raising kids with a variety of developmental differences.  It can be hard to find a friend you relate to or get advice on the best specialists in your community—especially when you are a first-time parent to a child who has special needs.  With the Wolf + Friends app, we have brought together the elements we wanted more of—community, mentors, support—with digestible information that parents like us crave.”

The Wolf + Friends app is free and available in the Apple store.



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