Mother’s Day and Father’s Day DIY Ideas

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By Jennifer Adams

Mother’s and Father’s Day are the perfect excuse to make moms and dads (or yourself!) feel pampered, loved, and extra special. Nothing says love like something crafted out of your own imagination, by your own hands. To celebrate the holiday, this is why I love including fun, creative crafts that kids can do with mom and dad. Here are a few of my favorite Mother’s Day and Father’s Day DIY projects for the whole family:

Mother’s Day:

  • Easy breakfast in bed ideas for kids to make – think boiled eggs, toast, and a bowl of berries with yogurt. Dad might need to help, or everyone can work together and take the whole family back to bed for a fun PJ breakfast…



Father’s Day:

  • Homemade spice rubs and ketchups for the grill master dad are super simple and fun to create. For the spice rub, add 2 T (each) paprika, salt, and garlic powder with 1 T (each) black pepper, onion powder, cayenne pepper, dried oregano, and dried thyme. Combine in a bowl and pour into a Mason style jar. I love these for gifting and storage!
  • Set up a relaxation station outside for dad – whether its poolside, at the beach or reading on the patio. Just like any Mom, a Dad deserves own space to relax. Set up an outdoor oasis with dad’s favorite reading materials, beverages, and snacks to catch some quiet time…


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