Monica Lewinsky Walks Out of Interview After Clinton Question

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During a speaking event in Jerusalem, activist Monica Lewinsky abruptly ended a Q&A session with Israeli newscaster Yonit Levi when a question about Bill Clinton was raised.

When asked if she believed that Clinton owed her an apology for the scandal that changed both of their lives 20 years ago, Lewinsky said, “I’m so sorry. I’m not going to be able to do this,” and left the stage.

This reaction prompted many news sources, including CBS News to state that the activist “stormed out,” to which Lewinsky replied on Twitter:

Lewinsky, who was attending the event to give a speech about bullying and harassment, a subject that she is well-acquainted with.

“I don’t think I would have felt so isolated if what happened in 1998 happened in 2018,” she said during her speech. “By and large I had been alone. Publicly alone. Abandoned most by the main figure in this crisis, who knew me well and intimately.”

After her speech concluded, Lewinsky sat with Yonit Levi, a well-known newscaster in Israel, for a brief Q&A. Immediately the subject turned to former President Clinton, leading to Lewinsky’s exit. Hours later, she took to Twitter to explain what exactly had happened, saying that Levi had asked the question, knowing that it was “off limits.”

The Israeli News Company claimed otherwise in a statement, saying, “The Israeli News Company stood up to all of its agreements with Ms. Lewinsky and honored her requests. We believe the question asked on stage was legitimate and respectful, and one that certainly does not go beyond Ms Lewinsky’s requests and does not cross the line. We thank Ms. Lewinsky for her insightful and honest talk at the conference, once again respect her sensitivity, and wish her all the best.”


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