Male Birth Control Coming Closer to Reality

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Two new studies related to male contraception were announced on Thursday.

In a press release made on Thursday, Aug. 2, LA BioMed released information regarding the current state of studies being made regarding two forms of male birth control.

“The demand for safe, non-invasive forms of male contraception cannot be ignored,” said LA BioMed President and CEO, Dr. David Meyer. “We are pleased with the progress toward a new male-directed contraceptive method.”

Currently, the most common forms of male birth control center around the use of condoms, vasectomy, and withdrawal. Researchers at LA BioMed claim that an oral form of birth control for men could lead to a steep decline in unplanned pregnancies.

“Public health researchers estimate that more than 40 percent of unplanned pregnancies would be avoided with better male contraception on the market,” said Dr. Christina Wang, LA BioMed lead researcher. “We are proud to lead national and international research on two innovative male birth control options that will have a significant impact on family planning options for the couple.”

Researchers at LA BioMed will oversee five of the nine centers worldwide conducting research on gel contraception for men. The 2b phase of this study will last 24 months and study 450 men. The final results will depend on the prevention of pregnancy in a partner.


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