Let them Wear Bikinis! Curvy Girls Rock Swimsuit Season.

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As summer approaches, many brands and stores are starting to promote their annual “beach ready” bodied models in this year’s swimwear collections.

However, British clothing brand ASOS is making waves due to its “real women” model casting choices. After ASOS released the latest photos of their Curve line, fashion lovers of all shapes and sizes took to Twitter to praise the brand’s representation of body diversity in its model choices.

“She’s so beautiful, and seeing my body shape being represented as well makes me so happy,” tweeted an ASOS fan in regards to model, Vivian Eyo-Ephraim rocking the yellow bikini.

“Glad to see curve models are actually the sizes sold and not a size 12 wearing larger clothes,” another fan commented. The countless positive responses are a fantastic example of what will hopefully become a new trend in the fashion industry.


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