Closing the Orgasm Gap: Tips from Lesbians

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For years, many sex experts and researchers have conducted surveys on sexual pleasure and orgasms of women of varying sexual orientations. Apparently, lesbians are getting more pleasure than heterosexual women, according to studies, but why?

In 2014, the Journal of Sexual Medicine compared the amount of orgasms lesbians had versus that of heterosexual women. Lesbians apparently experienced orgasms 75% of the time as opposed to 61% for heterosexual women. Another study in 2017 by Chapman University and The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University found that 86% of the time lesbians experienced orgasms while only 65% of the time heterosexual women experience them during sex.

Men have more orgasms than women during sex, and lesbians have more than heterosexual women. However, when heterosexual women experience more robust foreplay their levels of satisfaction increase.

According to the researchers, “Most heterosexual women who combined oral sex, manual genital stimulation, and deep kissing, reported usually always orgasming (80 percent), as did women who added vaginal intercourse to that combination (77 percent).”



Others have also said that lesbian sex is more satisfying because women do not have the pressures of being called a “slut” or feeling bad once the sex or the relationship ends. “In fact, if you’re a lesbian who sleeps with a lot of people, you’re not going to get a bad reputation like you would in hetero world,” wrote Zarra Barrie on “Elite Daily.”

Because vaginal sex alone is typically not enough to cause a heterosexual woman to climax, foreplay and acts of deep intimacy become pivotal.  Barrie suggests men’s lack of self-control cause them to overlook a woman’s sexual needs. “Men get so excited when they’re around a naked woman,” she said.  “Their erections get the better of them and they just recklessly pounce on a girl.  The whole thing is over in 10 minutes.”

Lesbians have long contended that same-sex intercourse is better for them because other women know their body better than men do.  Nobody knows your body better than another woman, and every time I sleep with a woman, I pick up new little tricks that bring such satisfaction,” Daniella Kitaen told The Sun.

She says lesbian sex helps women understand how to please their partners and understand how both of their bodies work in bed. “When you’re in bed with another woman, it is like looking at a blueprint of yourself, and because you know what turns you on, then you know it will turn her on, too” Kitaen said.

To have better sex in a heterosexual relationship, experts advise more effective ways of communicating during sex, expressing all emotions one feels in bed, albeit good or bad. Experts say that open communication can occur prior to, during, and after sex, and include statements such as “I like it when…” and “I am not a fan of…”

In addition, researchers in the Chapman and Kinsey study suggest that if a heterosexual couple only have time for a “quickie,” a woman just receiving oral sex is more likely to orgasm than performing any other acts.


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