Khloé Kardashian Lets Cheating Boyfriend in Delivery Room

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What should be a blissfully happy day for the new mom, Khloé Kardashian, who just welcomed her new baby girl to the world today, has now been tainted by the cheating scandal surrounding her boyfriend (most likely ex-boyfriend now) and father of her child, Tristan Thompson.

Reports of Thompson’s indiscretion came out earlier this week when the Daily Mail published a video allegedly of the NBA player kissing a woman at New York City’s Ph-D Lounge. Soon after, The Shade Room posted a separate video showing Thompson and the same woman appearing to enter a hotel together.

TMZ also posted a video taken October 2017 of Thompson appearing to cheat on Kardashian with two women in a Washington, D.C. Kardashian was about three months pregnant at the time.

Fans of Kardashian are outraged for the new mom, and even Thompson’s basketball fans have turned on him in light of the scandal. The NBA player was booed by Cleveland (his home team) fans on Wednesday as he entered the court.

While his fans may not be on his side, Kardashian decided to take the high rode and allow Thompson to still be present for the birth of his daughter despite her devestation around the cheating scandal. According to reports, “Kardashian is said to have gone “ballistic” when she discovered the rumors of his infidelity, but she did not want to deny Thompson the life experience of welcoming a child into the world.”

While the newest Baby Kardashian is unfortunately being born into a broken home, there is no doubt that her and her mother will be surrounded by love, support and an army of Kardashian/Jenner women to look out for their newest girl. Welcome to the world Baby Kardashian.

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