Jane Evans Shows Atlanta How to Strut in bU Fashion Show

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Atlanta hosts lots of fashion shows, but the biggest one ever seen in the city was held on June 8th at Infinite Energy Center. Selling out every seat in the house, the show was part of author and motivational speaker Jane Evans’ campaign bUWomen, a community organization that began in Australia 15 years ago. It “aimed to inspire and encourage women of all ages and cultural backgrounds to achieve success in life.”

Jane Evans revealed how much was raised for Convoy of Hope.

The show featured unique designers and models ranging in size, age, and ethnicity. Evans’ attractive adult children also strutted across the stage, including her daughter-in-law Lauren, who worked as the creative director and a model for many different brands. Unlike other fashion shows this “X” shaped catwalk featured not only models, but the stage welcomed all performers to liven up the crowd. One performer sang the hit song “Never Enough” from the album “The Greatest Showman” while models wearing prom and evening gowns crossed the stage around her. Others included a violinist and hip-hop dancers.

Designers and brands who participated contributed luxury fashion pieces for those with expensive taste, as well as everyday fashion, including clothing for children. The fashion was adorned by the models represented. The show mostly featured clothes for men and women but the stage was graced with children of all ages reflecting the youthfulness of adolescents.

The message of bU shined through on stage as the models united to have fun and spread the message of diversity and love. The high energy that the models exuded was infectious, projecting onto the crowd as they entertained the audience by dancing and performing impressive gymnast moves as they crossed the catwalk. One moment that enthralled the audience involved a male model who decided to land a perfectly executed backflip on stage, completely shocking everyone including his fellow models.



The evening concluded with an announcement of the amount of money the audience raised for Convoy of Hope, a nonprofit group bU works with to supply food and aid to the impoverished. Evans led the audience in prayer, asking those who were committed to giving their lives to Jesus Christ to follow the models into the “Blue Room” where they could meet with the shows cast and crew. Although this was the first time the show had been brought overseas, it is most likely not the last year the event will travel to America.




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