James Cameron Celebrates Wife’s New Book: ‘OMD’

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Academy Award-Winning Director James Cameron (Titanic, Avatar) hosted an event on Thursday night in honor of his wife’s new book.

Suzy Amis Cameron celebrated the release of her book “OMD: The Simple, Plant-Based Program to Save Your Health, Save Your Waistline, and Save the Planet” (Simon & Schuster) with nearly 200 people, including Maria Shriver, Moby, Tom Arnold, Cliff Curtis, Camila Alves, Kellan Lutz, Maggie Grace, and Brendan Frazier.

Hosted at Crossroads Kitchen in Los Angeles, the event opened up with remarks by James about his wife’s journey leading up to this moment. “If anybody thinks I was busy pulling strings to make this happen, I was busy making Avatar,” he said. “She went out and got a publisher, Simon & Schuster. She wrote the book. She did the research and gathered the experts. She did it all.”

He continued, “I couldn’t be prouder of what Suzy has accomplished. It makes me so happy… ” Speaking to his wife, he added, “Baby, I’m so proud of what you’ve done–and of all the premieres and events you stood with me, now it’s my time to play the tambourine in the background.”

Suzy teared up and laughed as she shared her passion for a plant-based diet and explained how if every person committed to eating one plant-based meal a day, it would greatly impact the the next generation, including the air, the food, and their overall health.

She shared why she felt writing a book like “OMD” was needed now, explaining, “It all stemmed from MUSE School CA, an environmental school that my sister and I founded, where parents were concerned about their students not being properly nourished by an all plant-based lunch program, since we are the first school in the country to do so. My brother-in-law and head of school, Jeff King, got frustrated and told the parents ‘Hey, feed your kids bacon in the morning and a burger at night. It’s just one meal a day people. It’s OMD!’”

She continued, “And with his blessing, I took that idea, ran with it, and made it into the OMD book. Which is growing into a worldwide movement to help people migrate to plant-based diets and to increase access through healthy school lunch programs for kids and more plant-based restaurant options across the country. And we are rolling out OMD food products in 2019.”

An environmental advocate, the former actor and mom of five presents a guide for readers to improve their health and shrink their personal carbon footprint simply by swapping one meat or dairy-based meal for a plant-based one every day. In the book, Cameron also explains how we can boost energy, feel better, live healthier, and heal the Earth, starting with just one meal a day.

“OMD” will release nationwide on October 23, 2018.

Camila Alves

Model & designer Camila Alves spent the evening with the Camerons. (photo credit: Jose Perez Photography)

Tom Arnold

Actor Comedian Tom Arnold cracked jokes with Suzy Amis Cameron at her book launch event. (photo credit: Jose Perez Photography)

Maria Shriver with James Cameron

New York Times Best-selling Author Maria Shriver posed for a few photos with her friends Suzy Amis Cameron and James Cameron outside Crossroads kitchen. (From L to R: Maria Shriver, Suzy Amis Cameron, James Cameron; photo credit: Jose Perez Photography)


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