Irma: A Catastrophic Threat

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Governor Rick Scott from Florida has declared a pre-landfall emergency in advance of Hurricane Irma.  He is telling Floridians to follow the directives of local officials in regards to both voluntary and mandatory evacuations.

Scott’s message to everyone in Irma’s potential path is to prepare while you can.  He says, “We can repair your home.  We can’t repair your life.”

With evacuations already scheduled in the Florida Keys and possible in Miami-Dade county, there are millions of people who need to prepare.  The Weather Channel is advising people who hunker down to have enough water for each person–a gallon per day for a week or more.  Nonperishable food items for as long are recommended along with medications for a week.  And if the time comes, a plan for escape for all family members.



Irma is at the top of the charts in regards to wind intensity.  Floridians have Andrew and Wilma to remind them of the destruction that a hurricane of CAT 3 + Force can do.  If that isn’t enough, Gov. Rick Scott says that everyone just watched Texas and Hurricane Harvey.  He hopes that people are taking Irma’s threat seriously.

Even as Florida prepares, there are concerns from the Gulf Coast to the East Coast as Irma’s potential path may impact those areas.  The message to all, be prepared.  Fill up gas tanks, protect property, stock up on needed supplies, and be ready to deal with wind, rain, storm surge and all that comes with it.

As Hurricane Irma comes towards us, Houston to Beaumont and parts of the Louisiana border are still grappling with Hurricane Harvey.  Thousands of people are literally looking at standing water over major roadways and in homes.  They still need help in terms of cleanup and other donations–some haven’t even returned home to assess damage.

For more information about Irma, pay attention to local weather forecasts and national newscasts including the Weather Channel.  If you are ready to help Hurricane Harvey victims, and soon Hurricane Irma, consider a list of charities provided by NPR and the Red Cross.

If you’re thinking about donating but are afraid of scams, The Simple Dollar created a resource that outlines how to avoid online scams and make sure your donation lands in deserving hands




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