Inspired Salad Bowls: From Graphic Design To Designing Salads

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My past is full of cooked veggies, minus the occasional tomato, cucumber salad, which I loved so much as a child. I always considered myself healthy, but the truth is that I was in denial about how many fresh fruits and veggies I was actually getting, or rather, not getting in my diet. I’m quite embarrassed to admit that the only green things I ate were the run of the mill broccoli, mushrooms and tomatoes on my pizza or pasta dish. To this day I’m not quite sure how I managed nutritionally.

My salad world was exponentially expanded when I stumbled upon the Instagram account of David Bez, @SaladPride. Daily amazement washed over me as I watched the creations he prepared at work. I had no idea that salads could be this amazing looking, so tasty, so versatile, and so interesting. Now I had no excuse, if he could prepare these amazing meals at his desk I could certainly make room for more creative salads in my life as well. That’s how my salad love journey began.


Salad 5: watercress, cucumber noodles, squash, peas, spring onion, black sesame seeds, seaweed dressing. David Bez InstaGram, @SaladPride.


David, a graphic designer by trade, is now a salad connoisseur, or a saladologist if you will. He has recently left his 15-year career to pursue his passion by opening his dream cafe in London, but you don’t have to travel there to enjoy some of his creations. His book, Salad Love: Crunchy, Savory, and Filling Meals You Can Make Every Day, is an amazing source of inspiration as well as helpful and practical tips for making unforgettable meals. The biggest takeaway from his book is that salads by their very nature are quite simple to prepare, not to mention beautiful, chic, nutritious and delicious. Are you convinced yet?



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