Innovations in Beauty: Makeup Without the Mess Up

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woosh-beauty-brushes-and-logoToday Show style and beauty editor Bobbie Thomas and her longtime friend Andrea Dubose Abraham are profiting from their passion to make applying makeup like a pro something that anyone can do. With the creation of Woosh! Beauty, they aim to do just that.

Thomas explained, “My best friend and I teamed up to really help offer makeup or even tools that better addressed how you could create a look yourself. So it was how you can really achieve the look versus just having the stuff to do it. It was taking it a step further and helping you accomplish that.”

The v-shaped corner brush that allows the user to accurately apply liner.  The mess-catching eye stencil is also a nifty development, which is a guide for applying eyeliner and cat eyes as well as catching debris from shadows.


Throughout the years, Thomas says she listened to viewers’ challenges and product ideas, which provided even greater insight into market needs. “After 20 years in the industry, I had an opportunity to see and be pitched almost everything in the beauty category. I was in the middle, as a bridge to that everyday woman, and I listened to the viewers.”

Along with the beauty system, comes inspiration. On the inside of the step-by-step “Fold Out Face” palette, the first thing you’ll see is the definition of “pro-girl,” a woman who supports other women instead of competing with them.

Woosh! Beauty is available exclusively on HSN.

Find the rest of Bobbie’s conversation with Hers and advice on current style and beauty trends in the Nov/Dec 2016 issue. Meanwhile, watch Hers entertainment writer Mona Austin – someone who prefers going natural – apply makeup like a pro with Woosh! Beauty.



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