In Light of ‘Brangelina’ Child Support Drama…

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In response to Angelina Jolie’s claims that Brad Pitt has failed to pay an adequate amount in child support for their six children, Pitt’s lawyer has publicly announced in an article with FOX News that, “Pitt “loaned” Jolie $8 million to help her purchase a house and has since contributed $1.3 million in various bills and other benefits for the children.”

According to Census Bureau reports, the average monthly child support payment is $430 USD. In the divorce papers Jolie filed, she requested approximately $416,667 from Brad Pitt monthly in order to support all of their children.



Some are speculating whether or not her claims of unmet child support are a publicity stunt in response to his re-opening of the divorce papers they had previously set aside (in order to deal with custody battles.) What cannot be speculated is the significant dollar amount on his required monthly payments compared to the national average, which begs the question: what are other celebrities paying in child support?

Here is the information we have gathered:

Russell Simmons- $40,000/month
Mel Gibson- $20,000/month
Britney Spears- $20,000/month
Charlie Sheen - $110,000/month
Kirk Kerkorian- $100,000/month
Eddie Murphy - $59,950/month
Sean "P. Diddy" Combs- $41,782/month
Halle Berry- $20,000/month
Tom Cruise- $33,000/month
Nas- $51,000/month
Brendan Fraser- $75,000/month

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