How Wearing the Wrong Bra Size Can Damage Your Breasts

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Many women have been wearing a bra since their preteens and continue to wear one almost every single day of their lives, which is why it may be surprising to find out that most women do not wear the correct bra size.

To find out just how many women were in the wrong bra, a study was conducted with a total of 1,285 women were asked in an online panel about bra sizes, including their body measurements, breast fit, length of straps, and various brassiere brands. The participants were also given instructions on how to correctly measure their bra sizes, and the numerical values were entered in the online calculator to determine their respective optimal bra sizes. After results were generated, the subjects were informed of the notable difference between their current and previous sizes

According to the study conducted by BlitzResults.com, 52 percent of women wear bras that are either too small or too large for them, which means only 48 percent are wearing the right bra size. Moreover, 74 percent of these women find the existing sizing system for bras confusing.

The study also showed that young women often incorrectly assume their bra size. However, as it turns out, women over 40 years of age are more likely to pick the wrong size for themselves. Around 80 percent of woman use their previous bra size when buying a new bra despite physical changes to their body over time.

Wearing the wrong bra size might not seem like a big deal, but wearing the incorrect size for an extended period of time can damage a woman’s health. This can result in back and neck pains as well as headaches. In addition to the discomfort, an incorrectly fitting bra also puts unnecessary pressure on the skin and flesh, which can damage breast tissue and, in worst cases, can lead to the deformity of the breasts.

According to the University of Wollongong Australia, “ill-fitting bras have been reported to contribute to poor posture and musculoskeletal problems (e.g. upper limb neural symptoms, non-cyclical mastalgia, neck and back pain). These symptoms can be so severe that women with larger breasts can feel forced to seek a breast reduction and will often abstain from participating in physical activity.

The most simple and effective way to maintain breast health is to wear the correct bra size. To find the right bra size, women can have a professional take an accurate measurement of the under bust and chest circumferences. The under bust circumference is needed to determine a woman’s band size, which is also required along with the woman’s chest circumference to calculate the cup size. It is also important to ask the measurement professional about breast fullness types, as this can determine what bra styles in addition to size work best.


“It is also possible to take your own measurements and still get your accurate bra size,” says Tim Lilling from BlitzResults.com. “You just need to make sure that you’re breathing normally and that the measuring tape is parallel to the ground while it’s wrapped around your upper torso. Then, once you have the numerical values of your under bust and chest measurements, you just need to input those details to our online bra size calculator.”

According to Lilling, the bra calculator is free to use for English, American, European, Italian and Brazilian bra sizes. Lilling encourages women to find their correct bra size saying, “[Women] deserve great support and comfort.”

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